Zero to Landlord - This course was designed to help the beginning investor learn the necessary skills to locate, purchase and manage their first single family rental property.


In this course you will learn to:

  • Determine the correct area to search for a property
  • Understand the three property types
  • Locate a property
  • Evaluate a property - Learn to use the property analysis spreadsheet to determine your Cash on Cash Return, NOI, and Cap Rate. 
  • Fund the property purchase
  • Market the property and find the right tenant that will pay and stay!
  • Manage the property to maximize profitability
  • Learn how to retain top tenants in the property for many years! 
  • How and when to evict a tenant 


Learning these fundamental concepts will give you the confidence to begin your Real Estate Investment business.  My goal is to help you purchase your first investment property. Once you have that one up and running the dominos will fall and you can begin to build your portfolio! 

Zero to Landlord free home study course

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